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There are 8 restaurants
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Végétariens bienvenus
Végétariens bienvenus
Sate Scampi
Wonton soup
Tiramisu Cake
Steamed Fish
Le Pain Quotidien
Peking Roast Duck
Sushi Train
Légumes Sautés
Haricots Verts
Sushi Saumon Et Thon
Sashimi Plate
Tuna Plate
Algensalat Mit Sesam
"Lovely vegetarian options, beautiful design, friendly staff, sushi train or choose from menu. Easily accessible by car and public transport. Highly..."
Sara Piff-Blyth
"Also ech hunn miir den P5 nemmen Sashimi an deen waar exellent gudd frech an waar an 30 Minuten geliwert also viir mech 5..."
Jean-Luc Dell
"Terrific place! Try Sushi Ajiiii, one of the best..."
Ajang Armin Farid
"Kudasai explores an enormous range of flavors and fresh ingredients to bring it's sushi to life. Each bite compliments the next. Unique, inspiring,..."
Mike Piff
"Explosion of awesome taste in your mouth! I didn't know sushi could be this good. This one comes highly recommended! Very friendly staff and..."
Vahid Saberin
"In my opinion: best sushi in..."
Jasmine Braun
"Great place to share a wonderful evening among friends or family. Awesome choices for vegetarian Sushis. Very nice interior..."
Isabelle Kieffer
"Outstanding quality. Innovative take on traditional sushi. Wonderful presentation. Friendly helpful staff/owners. A la Carte available and highly..."
Simon Isaac
"Klenge feine Sushiresto. Mir woren zou 4 do, an hunn um Rail plaatz geholl. Am Ufank woren standard Maki'en um Rail an dun koumm, emmer mei eng..."
Guy Kirsch
"Parfait, sushi super bon, les meilleurs sushi du..."
El Frouni
"Great sushi. I don' t know if it' s the Best but it is very good...."
Carine Duarte
"schon lang net meih esou gudde sushi..."
Sylvie Ralinger
"Perfect organization in a very friendly atmosphere and nice decoration. The sushi s were very delicious and perfect! Thank you..."
Bizhan Saberin
"Absolutely delicious Sushi and nice place..."
Sandra Huss
"The sushi here is really delicious! Everything is fresh and..."
Yves Wiltgen
Chris Wynen